Miss Pat – My Reggae Music Journey

An autobiography to be released in Spring 2021, documenting six decades of music history, from the rise of Randy’s Record Mart, the famed music shop and recording studio in downtown Kingston, Jamaica, founded with her late husband Vincent ‘Randy’ Chin in 1958, to the family’s migration to New York City, where in the late 1970s, VP Record Distributors was established. Through her family stories, Miss Pat takes you through the incredible musical journey and how she turned her personal dream into a major cultural platform that continues to leave its resounding stamp on the world stage. 

Miss Pat is an iconic symbol surrounding the genesis, progression and current state of Reggae. With the formation of the V and P Family Foundation, Miss Pat has taken a bold step in her pursuit of philanthropic activities. 

With your donation, you will be helping her on her next journey to preserve reggae music and Caribbean culture. 


Supporting music education and
providing access to underserved
communities in the Jamaican
Diaspora and the Caribbean. 

Mentoring young generation of
musicians to succeed in music business
& providing emergency assistance to
musicians and artists

Preserving the history of Reggae
and Caribbean music through
public programs and through 
the Chin’s family legacy in music 




Improving access to music education, particularly among youth in the Caribbean, is top priority for the V and P Family Foundation. Our mission since 2019 has impacted numerous organizations with a shared vision. One such organization is the incomparable Alpha Boys Institute in Kingston, Jamaica. The internationally renowned Institute, founded in 1880, has had an impeccable history of improving the lives of at-risk young men and launching the music careers of many of the renowned international Jamaican artists we celebrate today.


Spirit of the Caribbean, inspired by the rich legacy of our Caribbean culture, customs and traditions, brings great fun, joy and excitement to the community of Jamaica, Queens, New York. The summer festival held in June for the past two years showcases the best of Caribbean culture and traditions at the Jamaica Center.


The V and P Family Foundation is a proud supporter of the incredibly important and impactful National Museum Jamaica and its ongoing enterprises. The National Museum Jamaica (NMJ) is the landmark national agent for the collection, preservation and documentation of Jamaica’s rich and diverse culture. The museum’s mission is to increase knowledge and promote appreciation of Jamaica’s material heritage through public education on community outreach, research, community-based museums, special exhibitions and the collection and conservation of historic artifacts.

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